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Powerful Immune booster natural ingredient.🌿🌿

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

OIL OF OREGANO.. When I use to hear the words oil of oregano I did think of pizza or garlic knots..😃 Boy!! Was I wrong . As I began my journey in holistic skincare treatments I was introduce to the powerful active ingredients that are natural from the earth. As, I educate myself on essential oils, holistic herbs all the different ways to use them. I was amazed that all theses things could help us with alot of the health issues. At that time it was skin related but I soon found out that it could be apply to your health diet plan. Just like a good skincare routine, you should have key things at all time.

Oil of oregano has been used for over 2500 years. It’s great in food yes!!! The amazing benefits are here just few. I tell all my clients and students to do your own research.

  1. Cleanse your gut for overgrowth of bacteria.🦠

  2. Treats warts due to the anti microbial properties. Topical agent- carrier oil.

  3. Kills fungus- yeast buildup like the white coating in your mouth.

  4. Fights foot fungus for antibacterial agents

  5. Aids in killing Flu / Cold bacteria viruses.

  6. Parasite cleanser detox

  7. Anti aging for outside and inside health

For cold take in capsules form is easier to fight the cold. Follow the directions on the bottle or consult with your doctor. Find you a health food store or Herbalist.

Don’t take for more then 10days for cold / flu.

It opens up your respiratory system. Natural way to detox the lungs and clear your airways fast...

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