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Feeling secure in re-entering spa world for clients & providers!!

Updated: May 12, 2020

A lost of feeling of security , almost like we have been robbed. Like when my Honda had been stolen years ago. I felt completely vindicated and exposed to the bad elements of society. The bad element is this COVID-19 . This virus has become like a theft taking the feeling of safety. Our daily habits have been interrupted and forever changed.

I have just taken time to put myself in shoes of my clients. 🤔 how do they feel? What would I want to make me feel better? I even called some of my clients an ask what’s your concerns? One client - friend expressed being afraid of coming in to the studio w hat new things would be done? I wrote that down. Try to find my solition. What about my health as the provider steps to protect ? I will always think about my safety which includes my family. So, I will go out my way to keep us safe. At EXscape 2 Glam it is like a family . My clients are like my work family so I commit to look out for us all within my means. Check in on your clients is one thing I did. I told her this was a big help to be able to get in the mind of others.

Plan of Action helps you feel prepared. If we all had been better prepared for this outbreak the world would not be in panic as much. Take control over your business or spa experience by creating your own checklist. Express your concerns to your spa provider. We are here to get through this to with each other help.

EXscape PBK = Protective barrier kits was create with purpose to be used like a secured blanket. Once the reopen order is released (and you feel comfortable) these kits will be part of my normal business. Taking some sense of control from the bad elements. Theses are super important small steps to help Boost your mind & spirit as the client /Provider.As for professional provider you have all the time to be proactive to change the mindset of your clients. First, start with yourself be honest and adapt to the problem. By creating your own checklist & lines of communication. This will help you as the spa provider as well ,stating any fear out loud during a big crisis aids in finding your personal solution.

Heres a few things we are doing

  1. Creating a cleaning material list / or video . Share this with your clients.

  2. Schedule zoom giving your new policies

  3. Take a blood borne pathogens online course.

  4. Post your finds and research. Share the journey..

These small steps builds a bridge to security . I believe we need to share information not fear. State your fear and create the right answer for you/ family and your business. I pray for everyones safety and complete wellness.Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for more updates and tips.. Look out for guidelines on my next blog coming soon.

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