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Classic Glam Lash Extensions

Classic Glam Lashes :    Looking for a mascara look but natural Glam  lash extension are perfect. Full set takes 1.5 to 2 hours to apply to your natural lash.                                                                                   $200 +

         Fill-in                                                                                                     $45 (2 week) $65-$80 (3-4 week)

Red carpet Glam Volume Lash Extensions

Volume lashes :  Dramatic sexy fuller lashes are achieved by applying 2D-6D fans to each lash. These fans are created by hand one by one. They are great to fill in gaps and give you the fuller lash look all the stars have. A full set of volumes can take up to 2.5-3 hours.                              $300

Fill-ins                                       $75(2 week)    $95-$100(4 week)

A Mix of Glam Lash Extensions

Mix of Glam Lashes:  A blend of lengths,with classic and volume lashes adds a little drama to a classic look.Beautiful Glam lash extensions are the end result. Full set application take 2 hours                                      $265

Fill-in                                                                              $55 (2 week)  $75(3 week)

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