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5 tips help your mind during STAYHOME Order

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

It is safe to say we all are having a hard time adjusting to the state of the world. I have gone from sleeping all day,to reading my favorite self help books, and cooking all day.This week my plan is to start self care time.

Have you start a project then notice you lose all your motivation??? Staying at home is the best for us all to do.This quarantine has made us all stressed out. Stress leaves your body weak when under attack. That is the main reason for me starting blogging again. Summertime is right around the corner, I know it hard to think about having to stay cooped in the house with those snack eating, nerve riding kids!!! I love my daughter Madison. I would bet money there is scientific proof that a few hours away from the our kids is good for our mental health.

Seriously, how are you handling keep your mind clear ? Start with a reset , release ,and revitalize of mind .. and yes my body &spirit . So cliche to say. Honestly it has completely work for me. These Five tips have enhanced my mental state and really boost my immune system.

1. Morning inspiring routine start your day with a quote or devotional quick read.

Now is the time for you to reset your mind to positive thoughts. There so many apps ,pod cast to find some inspiration.Here are few things to lookup: Business startup 101, Daily bible verses or self care tips. Just try something new.

2. Herbal tea release time. To detoxify your mind of depressing & negative energy from watch the news. Please change the channel or just read a book. This gives your mind a mental vacation. As you sip the hot tea take a deep breath in and push out anything that stress you out.

Green tea with ginger or try a herbal blend.

Best Immune boost tea - ginger root & Tumeric or peppermint oil & green tea. When using oils use only one drop... Release fears and allow yourself to exhale .

3. Sweat out stress. I been trying to get outside walk in neighborhood. Its important to take in Vitamin D for complete wellness. Starting a herb garden or plant some flowers in you yard . I have even cleaned out my closet ,tried on old clothes , NOW that can be workout by itself. Sweat releases toxins from your body,those toxins block the bodies healing agents. Which starts inflammation in different parts of your body.

4.Write down new goals or business ideas. You can do this while sip in the morning tea. Get a journal just for this time RONA jounral.LOL!!! Creating a future plan helps to reflect fear. More problems/fear will come but this way you know how to reset.State your problem, think of goals in the future, and speak it out loud. Once you have declared your goals ( new job or relationship) your energy shifts you mental state.

5. Diffuse essential oils in the air to keep the air clean . Especially, during this pandemic. Essential oils have powerful healing & immune boosting affects. Peppermint turmeric, ginger, and lemon. OH! I can't forget oregano and eucalyptus help fight any foreign infection \viruses in the body. I use Doterra oils they have a amazing oil blend called Breathe it so great it reminds me of a natural Vick's rub.

Please try all of theses tips as ways to start your new life after the COVID-19. Staying home can keep us safe. *Remove your gloves after leaving the store , then place then into a plastic bag throw away outside the house Trash. Don't wear your gloves all day that spreads germs. Look for more blogs to help us all out to stay healthy.Here's link for great oils/products I use. www.mydoterra.//shannoncoffie

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