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Building my HERBAL PARADISE garden during COVID-19 Quarantine2020..

Updated: May 8, 2020

Gardening takes a green thumb for sure. Which I don‘t have normally. So I went on a hunt for plants that are easy to grow. 🔍Peppermint was one of the first ones to come up. They say anyone can grow , it doesn’t need to much my attention. VERY LOW MAINTENANCE... I must admit that the outdoors were not my favorite place to go. First, when I think of gardening thoughts of bees and insects being pest Flying all around my head.I couldn’t let this stop my vision of a quiet peaceful herb garden Paradise.To be honest I couldn’t take being in the house in front of the tv one more day. So, as I started resetting my mind while being stuck at home. One of my steps I talked about in the other blog , is to reset by reading in the morning and sipping some herbal tea. That’s when it hit me, herbal paradise.

Where do you start? 🤔What herbs grow good together? Where should I buy plants? Should you start with seeds or baby plants?

As as a novelist to gardening I went on the tube to finding the garden secrets & tips. A Container garden or straight from the earth? I decided on a container herb garden. My backyard is going to be my little paradise. To keep the bugs away I planted lemon balm and peppermint. Theses herbs are like bug repellent. Stay away 🤗

Lavender, rosemary, sweet basil , oregano and sage are the herbs🌿 I decided on. Knowing I am not that good with gardening I went straight to Home Depot. Baby plants it was for me!!! My Home Depot run was exciting. Here are Things to start with : 3 planting containers , organic Miracle-Gro soil , my first set of gardening tools. Got water hose or those cute water bulbs. I believe you can find them everywhere( dollar tree). They help water your plants.Real simple, I started to read up on all the herbs .

Look out for what herbs grow good together if your using a planter container. Some plants can grow so big and bushy that their roots can take over . My oregano I should have planted in my big container alone but I think I will have to keep him trimmed so he doesn’t get out of hand.Like the peppermint and lavender are more bushy plants. Great beginners tip: Knowing how much sun and water each plant needs. One other tip I learnt is Grouping those with the same water and sunlight needs together. So, I decide to plant peppermint & lavender in their own pots alone. I can wait to harvest the sweet basil and lemon balm. The lemon balm is said to keep mosquitoes away. Peppermint also repels insects. That’s my kind of plant dual purpose tasty & repellent!!!!!

Take the fresh herbs place into your favorite cooking oil to your own infused herbal oils. (Olive oil + sweet basil)The powerful leaves can be dried , stringing up to dry or between parchment paper allowed to dry. ( dry times can vary on amount of herb and type) Small batches are all I have done with the parchment paper trick. For about week and half it slowly drying out.

What herb will you plant? Have you tried putting egg shells to the soil of plant? Should we try make my own fertilizers? All natural of course. I can’t wait to become a true gardener with a green thumb.🌱 Turning the sow and becoming one with the earth has NEVER been a joy for me. During this quarantine I had to rediscover my hobbies to help pass time. The herbs are a way for me to EXscape to my own herbal oasis.. Come back and check out the herbal oils and butters recipe ideas. Please help with any tips !!! Do you have questions?? Did this article help? Go to

Your EXscape 2 Wellness moment

Shannon Gilmore

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