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Protecting your skin in the summer

Summer is here!! Beautiful sunsets and beach trips are all enjoyed in the summer months. Protecting your skin from the sun's rays can be confusing with all the different sunblock and sunscreens out. Its very important to understand what your protecting yourself from. Here is a easy way to remember UVA = penetrates deep into the skin. UVB = surface burns also know as sunburns. The UVA rays damage the basal and squamous cell layers in the skin. Theses cell are called keratinocytes. Once theses cell are damaged premature aging and wrinkling starts to happen. Overexposure to sun rays without protection effects the epidermis but it penetrates to the deep layer of the skin called the dermis. Both UV's are harmfully to us. Once the keratinocytes are damaged this is where most skin cancers start to occur. So, protecting your skin is very important for the health of your skin. Our skin is the largest organ on the body.

Soaking in sun rays

Where to start? Sunscreens and sunblocks which one should we get? These are the questions we ask when it pool or beach time. Have you ever notice one side of your face has more of a tan\darker than the side ? The UV rays also radiate through your car windows,so daily protection is a must. Most makeup has some SPF in it, its best to have a loose powder that you can reapply every 30 mins . Reapplying your SPF is key to fully protecting your skin from all UV rays. Its best to look for SPF with Broad Spectrum. Broad Spectrum protects the skin from both UVA & UVB rays. I always tell my client to remember to reapply follow the number at the end. SPF 15 is the lowest coverage. SPF 15 means every 15 mins. Its better to be safe then burned. Wearing a hat and having a thin layer to cover up your arms and legs are great ways to take extra care for the healthy of your skin. Have fun in the sun this summer but protect yourself.

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