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The best lavender body scrub to get you ready for spring.

Lavender oil body scrub

Spring is quickly approaching bring in warmer weather and pretty flowers. Sundresses and sandals will be coming out of the back of the closets. The question is "Will your skin be ready for the big reveal?" Springtime is like the preview before summer. During the winter months your skin builds up dry dead skin. If your not exfoliating while its cold then spring is the time introduce one the best easy to make body scrubs. Believe me your skin will thank you for it. Scrubs are great to use from head to toe. It helps to slough off a layer of dead skin, that winter skin.

One of my favorite scrubs to make at home is the Lavender sugar body scrub. I love lavender. There are so many benefits for your skin when using lavender, here are some : Lavender helps with sunburn, heals drys skin , restores the skin complexion and reduce acne. Lavender has antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics which aid in improve the signs of age spots \sunspots. The levels of ascorbic acid is more robust than vitamin C , the antioxidant benefits are higher with the use of lavender. When using lavender only the best should be used, find a high quality essential oil for skin. I like using Doterra oils for my scrubs and skincare needs ,but you can use any quality essential oil. Oh yes lavender is safe for pregnant & nursing mothers to use. Now, with any essential oil I like to use a carrier oil to distribute it to sensitive skin and children.

Lavender body scrub recipe

How to make the best body scrub at home there are few things you will need .

1. 3-4 drops of lavender oil

2. 1 1\2 cup of course sugar

3. 1\2 cup of a carrier oil (jojoba oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil fractionated)

4. 1 small mason jar with lid

Pour in the sugar in the jar then add in the carrier oil of your choice. I love fractionated coconut oil. Its helps to spread the scrub better. Drop in 3-4 drops of the lavender you can add as much too your liking. The carrier oil should be almost covering the sugar. Let this sit for over night or use immediately. After exfoliating its best to seal in that moisture with deep hydrating butter. My lavender body butter is simple to make , all the things you need are all in your pantry.

Lavender body butter

Mix together organic coconut oil with few drops of lavender oil. Blend them together well.

Apply the butter to your body pretty thick cover up your hands and feet with soaks or glove. This allows your skin to soak up all the moisture it needs slowly. You can add Frankincense to the butter this would help with the sunspots & age spots. This butter is great for infants and children suffering from tummy ache or add some peppermint (eucalyptus) to help that stuffy nose.

My daughter favorite essential oil is lavender, so I diffuse the oil in her room at night. Lavender not only can calm you but it can bring on deeper sense of peace while resting. Rubbing the oil on my hands and take three deep breaths can help me de-stress from the day. A few drops in my bath water after using the body scrub sets up my relaxation. This is perfect for a mother's weekend spa day which I believe every mom should take two hours each weekend to have a no phone, no children and no husband spa time. Only two hours , I would try for more time but that all depends on the age of your children, but take the time. Dreams can come!!!

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