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Essential oils are natural medicine

From the beginning of time plants in all forms have been used for health issues,cosmetics and religious purposes. Essential oils are natural compounds found in the bark,seeds ,flower,rind and leaves of plants, extracted /distilled for health benefits. Since 2700 BC the Chinese have used aromatic plants and herbs . Essential oils helps the body locate issues and root causes of them on deeper cellular level. Founding a good therapeutic grade oil is the first step in a more holistic wellness life. Essential oils can help with calming your senses , also release emotional responses. You may ask are they safe? Can everyone use them? Which oil do to start with? There so many companies, essential oil distributors who knows where to begin.

Key things to look for when getting your natural medicine with essential oils :

1. They do not contain fillers or artificial ingredients.

2. Free of contaminants like pesticides or chemical residues

3. Look for Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

I started with oils that target the common health issues such as colds , headaches , and sore muscles. I found that Lavender, Peppermint , Tea tree and Lemon were the best oils to begin my oil journey. These oils can be blended together and use alone. Lemon and peppermint make great teas for cold nights. Lavender aids with sleep and calming stomach issues that just names a few of the benefits. Yes everyone can use and benefit from essential oils , but if you are allergic to the food or plant stay clear. Always talk with your Physician before using if you are pregnant. Because the oils are so powerfully concentrated use with a fractionated coconut oil or vegetable oil (pure vegetable not cooking oil ) when applying topically this will not dilute the oils. Using a carrier oil is best way to apply to children and yes its great for children. Remember Natural medicine helps the body heal itself , so essential oils should be a way of life and administered to your body daily.

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