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Lash Extensions & Makeup (Do's &Don'ts)

Lash extensions are great way to speed up your mornings and have a mascara look all the time. You have done your research and found you a great lash artist.Now, you have a beautiful full set of Glam lashes. Now, how do you keep them that way?

As a lash artist at EXscape 2 Glam Studio in Charlotte,NC, I always tell my lash clients to care for their New Investment ($)with proper care. These steps helps lash retention:

1. Brush your lashes daily using mascara wand

2. Clean lashes with a mild shampoo .

3. Always remove makeup

Oh yes! makeup can be worn but not all makeup works well with your new investment. Here are somethings you need to know before you pull out your makeup bag. Foundations and blush are A OK. their not close to your eyes or extensions. (Still remove before bed)


Do's and Don'ts for lash extensions....

Makeup remover are normally oil based and these tend to go into attack mode,and breaks down the adhesives bond to the extension & natural lash. Try using a DIY makeup remover of baby shampoo and water. Remember you already have makeup look (mascara look) with the dark black natural looking lash extensions.

Eyeliner ?? Which one should you use or can you wear? The answer is Yes you can wear liner. here it comes BUT the right liner is important.

"AVOID" wax based eyeliners. Avoid eyeliner pencils (most have some kind of wax)

The wax from the pencils will stick to your eyelid and your lashes.

Liquid or Gel based eyeliner are extension- friendly!!! Best to use a gel liner that can be applied with a brush.

Eye shadow - most eye shadows are ok, safe to use with your lashes. Powders are the best. Avoid creams or paste shadows they contain oils. *Tips use eye shadow for eyeliner its easier to remove.* Love your lashes!!!

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